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Рукописи не горят...

welcome to Woland's palace...

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Ok, so even though I hate writing introductions, especially long ones, I'll have to write SOMETHING, so I better brace myself and start :)

In my real life (the one where I have other interests beside Harry Potter and Star Wars, and where I'm not kicho14) I am just Ana. I'm fifteen years old (16 in July), going in high school, and being an ordinary girl. I have no real siblings, although by the closeness with my best friend and my younger cousin, you could as well say that I have two brothers :) My primary passion are computers, and in particular - computer graphic (I <3 Photoshop!) and VIDDING (Sony Vegas, you're my GOD!!!).

I have been immersed in the world of fanfiction for almost five years now, although I only started writing ones in English last summer. As with any other writer, I have a weird, love - hate relationship with my muse as well, seeing as she has taken into habit to surprise me with a bunch of ideas and/or plot bunnies, which causes me a major distraction in class, adn by the time I've arrived home, she has taken an undefinite leave of absence (which only lasts until the next time I have to focus very hard in school *smacks muse*). And now, for the "other world", and my two main obsessions there:

Star Wars - I was introduced to Star Wars a long time ago, by my father, who was quite a fan of the original trilogy. Although I watched, and liked the entire trilogy, it wasn't until after The Phantom Menace came out, that I became totaly immersed in it. Since I've arrived here, I might as well mention it now. Seeing as I had no other connection with the original trilogy and the PM when I started watching it, it was only natural that the young, handsome, witty, yummy *pours a bucket of cold water over as to stop drooling**back to subject* Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi was the first thing that stuck in my eyes. And then, to quote the irreplaceable Ewan - "I got Star Wars as well, which completely blew me away". And that it did.

Now, I might have been quite young back then, but I had seen quite enough Disney love stories as to know that the beautiful princess (or in this case, Queen) always falls in love with her prince, or her rescuer (which, when the case provided two, is always the younger and more-appropriate-for-her one). So I waited to see when the Queen would end up with the handsome Jedi padawan, but, with the exception of the smile at the end of the movie, I was left disappointed. Of course, knowing that there would be two more movies left, I waited contendedly. But, as time passed, my dissapointed with the great GL's love plot only grew, and I suppose this is the place where I'll stop, before my peaceful explanation turns into flaming and bashing the Anidala pairing (which I'm not doing here, under any circumstances. I've got the OFF for that ;)) After RotS, I was too much in shock for continuing my opssesion with SW, and I layed off the subject for a while, turning to HP. However, when I returned, I did a research, looking for Obidala fans just like me, and that's how I found the Obidala Fan Forum, of which I'm quite glad to be a member :) End of Obidala story. Period.

Harry Potter - to the HP world I was introduce by my then-soon-to-be-first-love, both the books and the movies. Not much to say there, except that I liked both immediately, and have been reading/watching every next book/film which followed. From the HP world, I ship all the canonical pairings - which include Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, Bill/Fleur, etc. From the fanonical, I DON'T ship Harry/Hermione (don't oppose it, or refuse to read/watch a good fic/vid), and I don't ship them, because their canon relationship resembles the one I have with my best friend way too much, and I'm sick of being asked whether we're a couple or not. But as I said, I won't refuse to see a well-made vid or a well-written fic about that ship.

I almost forgot to write - from fanon, I absolutely ADORE, or, better said, my OTP is - Tom Riddle/Hermione Granger. But let me make myself very clear right away - NOT the Tom kill-kill-kill psycho bloody-unemotional Voldemort Riddle, but the intelligent, sensitive, and in every other way - perfect match for "the smartest witch of her age". I have always been a bit T/Hr curious, but it wasn't until I read THE most beautifully written fanfiction "Have You Ever", by Lady Moonglow, that I fell forever in love with the pairing. No bashing, please!

Whew! I didn't realise what a writing rant a had, until I sat down and read it. Well, that would be all from me, or at least, for now. Darth RealLifeAndSchool being a real pain in the a**, I'll have to go and meet up the next challenge (which is a whole week of exams. Aaack!).

Peace out,